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There is a lot of talk about electric vehicles and climate change. It appears everyone from the politicians to the regular Joe has an opinion. But is there actually something that drives these views? What causes people to believe these things?

The fact that electric vehicles are more fuel efficient, less polluting, and cheaper to run than traditional vehicles is driving much of the public’s opinion. However, many people do not realize how much of an effect climate change can have on our lives. A recent study shows that electric vehicle sales may actually increase as a result of governmental action on carbon emissions. As people become aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions, sales for electric vehicles will likely grow dramatically.

Perhaps the biggest issue that can be directly linked to the use of electric cars is air pollution. As more people turn to these clean vehicles, pollution becomes worse. For this reason, during the 3-4 March protests, environmental activists were seen trying to disrupt the electric car industry.

So what exactly is causing the increased level of awareness of electric vehicles and climate change? One cause is the increasing amount of pollution in cities around the world. As industrial emissions continue to aggravate, the effects of global warming will become worse. While the issue may still be up in the air, the possibility of global warming becoming a reality is a lot closer than most people think. As pollution levels continue to rise, it becomes harder for cars to avoid getting contaminated.

Another possible reason for the increase in interest in electric vehicles and climate change is the passing of a Senate executive order. The executive order, which was passed by the Senate, calls for the development of a cleaner fuel standard. This would require all vehicle manufacturers to build vehicles that do not contribute to the increasing level of air pollution around the country.

Although the executive order has been in effect for quite some time now, it only recently came into light after the presidential election. The passing of the executive order sends a strong message to both parties, as both need to work together to find solutions to the rising energy costs. If the United States and Europe take heed of the Senate’s call for action on clean energy, the results could be very positive. There is also talk of new legislation aimed at promoting renewable energy.


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